FWW LLC., Russia, manufactures and exports a sawn timber, poles, stakes and  posts, which undergo preservative treatment with up-to-date CCA-preservatives, preservative treatment that is based on copper, chrome and arsenic or with copper preservatives only using the pressure method.

During its eight-year operation (est.2005) the company presented itself as a reliable business partner and the leader in manufacturing and export of such commodities in Russia being a supplier of the products to Russia’s state-run and private companies, as well as to many international businesses. The company’s annual production output is 18000 cu. m of wooden poles and 5000 of sawn timber, stakes and fencing.

Core principles of the company operation are: orientation to customer needs, use of high-standard carefully selected raw materials (northland pine-wood only) and antiseptics (Osmose, USA), strict observance of all process requirements, employment of state-of-the-art equipment from European manufacturers and expertise of the company process engineers. 

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